Dear teacher,

Walking through the streets of my city I met you; you my dear first grade teacher of elementary school.  My heart was filled with joy to find you but at the same time I was sad because I noticed that the years had passed, I knew you could not walk, you could not speak, and you could not recognize me, because the Alzheimer had taken  hold of you that is why I decided to write you this letter. 

When I saw you, I remembered my childhood in that small school, do you remember?  Yes, a school so small that it had not technology, no park to play, a school so small that it did not have enough chairs for the kids and that it had no water.  But at the same time, it was such a big school because in it the love abounded and the laughter was endless, at my school I felt rich because I had the heart full of happiness thanks to you, you were my hero. 

You taught me that the limits did not exist, that no matter the school did not have money, we can still learn freely, and thanks to you I learned to create my own materials to paint, also I learned to create my own musical instruments with  recycled elements, but above all I learned that the art is the most pure way of the soul’s expression. 

After twenty years I became an artist who explores the materials, which reuses the electronic elements to create artworks, which abstracts the strongest emotions of the human being as to create art.  And today, after I met you again my dear elementary teacher, I know that thanks to your influence and teachings that you gave me inside that humble school, today l am one of the artists with major projection in my region. 

Thanks for lighting my heart in my childhood, and for teaching me the true meaning of life, we human beings are here to learn to love, leave a mark, and be happy. 

Forever your student,


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