We are in a historic moment; we have the opportunity to create a new reality that have never lived and pay off old accounts. We are in a Peace Process that has the capacity to transform the time of war and inform us about the process of violence, change, memory, peace and development, because history teaches that it is possible to make radical revolutions, with no cruelty; complete, but without useless human sacrifice. Fals Borda, O (1962). Violence in Colombia, Book 1. Bogota, Colombia: Pisa Ediciones. But we, Colombians, have a collective sense of doom, we believe that we can make all of singly except when we talk collectively think that we cannot change our destiny.

There are millions of Colombians victims of forced displacement, hundreds of thousands dead, tens of thousands of missing people of all kinds, without forgetting the wide number of populations that have been affected in one way or another throughout our territory…Government of Colombia, FARC EP (2016). Final Agreement for the Termination of the Conflict and the Construction of a Stable and Lasting peace. Retrieved September 10, 2016, from http://www.acuerdodepaz.gov.co/. Thus we need this peace process to be made with the enemies (Government of Colombia – FARC EP) they had an obligation to make it a reality. And now it is time to choose our way, we will vote in favor or against these agreements, all depending if we agree or disagree with the Final Peace Agreement made in Havana, Cuba, for the past four years.

The Final Agreement says that people will be treated equality, and, according to the law, people will be recognized regardless of gender, respecting freedom and sexual orientation, race, social status, profession, nationality or family origin, language, religious beliefs, political or philosophical opinion. Law of victims and land restitution and regulatory decrees N° 1448, June 10th 2011. However, it has been brought to our attention that in Colombia laws are damaged by corruption and greed. I hope that there are safeguards for the protection of the rules and agreements signed in Havana.

Finally, if Colombia needs a social deep transformation, let us make it like men and not like beasts. Fals Borda, O (1962).Violence in Colombia, Book 1. Bogota, Colombia: Pisa Ediciones. I think Colombia needs a radical and different solution about our history of Violence and the Final Agreement for the Termination of this Conflict and the Construction of a Stable and Lasting Peace; it is the best option and way.


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